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Family planning in Malawi: What we already have achieved

In the frame of the family planning programme (FPP) - implemented by the „Institut of Integrated Women Development“ (IIWD) and financed by the Breuckmann Foundation by more than 60 000€ during the last three years - information concerning family planning, voluntary birth control and women rights has been provided to people in more than 20 communities and schools. Far more than 30 000 people could be reached directly and many of them decided to take part in the programme.  

These activities were further supported by dedicated radio programmes elaborated and financed by the FPP and transmitted by the local radio station Radio Dinosaur.

Meanwhile several thousand people – mainly women- take part in the programme. As a consequence of the permanently increasing number of participants the amount of medical care to be provided by the IIWD and the need for contraceptives also increase. To be able to further finance this successful programme your ongoing support is needed.

Aktuelle News zum Familienplanungsprogramm

Mobile Clinic

Since  April 2016 a van is available, equipped with all medical facilities necessary for the FPP so that it can be used as a mobile clinic. This allows to grant adequate medical care to those who already take part in the programme and to extend the programme further to other areas. The mobile clinic also allows to reach people in remote areas.  

During the last 3 years much could be achieved, also thanks to the trustful and constructive cooperation with the IIWD. However, much is still to be done. So we would like to extend the programme to other districts of Malawi.

But the successful continuation of the project in Karonga  must be ensured in first place.

As already reported earlier, due to the lack of sufficient financial means we were not in the position to buy an adequate vehicle that could serve as mobile clinic. Therefore, up to now a van was leased. As the mobile clinic turned out as a big success it will be continued preferably by the purchase of a project owned van or by leasing a van for another period of time.     

To achieve our goals for the coming year your support is still urgently needed!   

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