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Youth Center at St. Mary´s Girls Primary School in Karonga

Since mid of February we are operating a new project at the St. Mary´s Girls Primary School in Karonga, again in cooperation with the IIWD :

The goal of this project is to install the „Karonga Youth Center for Information on Reproductive Health“ (KYC) at the St. Mary’s Girls Primary School .

The projected organizational structure of this Youth center allows a sustainable and effective work in the field of „Reproductive Health" without external support. This will be realized by qualifying selected teachers in the field of „Reproductive Health“, that they can work as multipicators which transfer their onw knowledge to a „peer-group“, consisting of 2 to 3 teachres and 5 to 6 students. Moreover, it is planned to integrate selected parents into this peer-group.

The main mission of this projectwill be:

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