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Theater for Change : Project Report

© by Pamoza

With the pilot project "Theatre for Change", we have tested the possibilities of targeting the population, especially adolescent girls and young women, on Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) issues with theatre performances in the past months. The theatre programmes were supported by radio broadcasts and social media activities.

From July to September 2021, the Pamoza-Tingakwaniska team organised nine events in the two rural project areas of Mwakaboko and Mwirang'ombe, as well as at the CMCK (Cultural & Museum Centre Karonga), where the theatre group ONENESS performed a play that was developed specifically for this project.  

As planned, the focus of these performances was on:

● Raising awareness among adolescent girls and young women to strengthen their rights and self-determination.

●  Improving access to information about SRH.

●  Promoting access to SRH services.

The theatre performances were attended by a large number of spectators and provided a wide platform for dissemination of information. In addition, a dialogue with the audience araised after each performance, during which not only questions about the project issues were asked and addressed, but there was also intensive discussion about current events in the communities.

As 3 of the 12 planned performances could not take place due to recent Covid 19 restrictions, an additional 15-minute movie on this thematic complex was created, which is available on the Pamoza-Tingakwaniska Facebook and Instagram pages.

As planned, 12 thematic radio programmes were also produced and repeatedly transmitted on Radio Dinosaur and Radio Tuntufy, which broadcast in the local languages of Tumbuka and Ngonde in northern Malawi.

In addition, the Pamoza team worked hand in hand with youth clubs and health centres to reach communities and schools in the most effective way and to advertise for the respective events.

In the course of this pilot project, important experiences were gained for future projects. In particular, the combination of theatre, radio and social media has proved extremely successful, as each medium addresses a different population group.

However, the project has also shown that there is still a high demand among the population in Karonga District for sexual and reproductive health education and services, a demand that cannot be covered with the resources available in the country.

We will therefore follow up this pilot project with a new project on family planning and sexual and reproductive health with the Pamoza-Tingakwaniska team starting in November.

Performaces of the group oneness art