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There is only one world to live in. Support us, to conserve this world

There is only one world to live in

Support us, to conserve this world

According to our statutes the main goal of the Breuckmann foundation, estabished in 2011, is

„to safeguard the livelihoods for mankind and nature“

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Can you imagine, that today in Germany there are living four times as many people as 50 years ago? In total 330 million, as many as in the United States

Inconceivable ?

But reality  in Malawi!

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According to our basic principles special emphasis will be placed on development cooperation activities dedicated to the limitation of over-population, minimisation of the resulting damages and on the saving and preservation of resources.

Malawi is not only one of the poorest countries worldwide but also one of the fastest population growing countries in Africa,  with about 44 children per 1000 inhabitants, resulting in a growth rate of actually 3 %.

Since 2013 the Breuckmann Foundation is supporting and financing projects in the field of family planning and sexual and reproductive health (SRH) in the north of Malawi, since 2018 in co-operation with PLAN international.

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The Breuckmann Foundation

Projects on Family Planning and Reproductive Health in Karonga, Malawi

There is evidence that already early civilisations have actually caused their own demise by destroying their livelihoods, whereby it can be assumed that these ancient cultures could not foresee the implications which could lead to their demise.

With your donation you are supporting the goals and projects of the Breuckmann-Foundation, helping to protect the world in which we live.