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Actual Progress Report about the new  Family Planning Programme in Karonga

Since November 2021 we are running a new family planning project, which is being carried out in the Karonga district by the Pamoza Tingakwaniska's team, as previously announced. As part of this project, educational events on the different topics of sexual and reproductive health have been held in various communities in the project area over the past months. As far as possible, members of existing local youth clubs were also involved. At these events, which were also attended by local authorities and representatives of youth and health centers, existing myths, prejudices and misconceptions among young people were also discussed and attempts were made to counteract them. For example, the particularly fatal misconception that a woman cannot get pregnant the first time she has sex is unfortunately still widespread. Accordingly, any kind of protection and contraception is dispensed with.

Furthermore, visits to various health centers were organized for a larger number of young women and men, where participants could receive personal counselling, access youth-friendly health services and receive support for family planning and voluntary birth control.

Radio programmes and social media were also used to a greater extent to make the messages of the family planning project accessible to a larger population. This included producing and broadcasting 11 new radio programmes focusing on sexual and reproductive health, the negative consequences of early pregnancies, HIV/AIDS prevention and the impact of uncontrolled population growth.

In addition, a separate flyer on these topics was developed and printed in a print run of 1,350 copies so far, which is distributed to the participants of the project events.

In the course of this project, the Pamoza team had to realise that health centres, where modern contraceptives are distributed and applied, do not have available the necessary medical equipment that is fundamental for us, e.g. soap, iodine, disinfectants or rubber gloves. The Pamoza team has therefore purchased missing equipment worth about 2,500 euros and made it available to the health centres.

© by Pamoza

I was once a victim of teenage preg-nancy, I was humiliated and I dropped out of school. But the support I got from Pamoza Tingakwaniska and my parents helped to me realize that I can still achieve my dream. I went back to school now I have a diploma in Community development and currently am volun-teering at Pamoza Tingakwaniska Youth Organization so as to help young girls not to go through what I went through.

Milca Msimuko-T/A Kyungu Karonga

Pamoza Tingakwaniska projects have assisted me to be aware of my sexual reproductive health rights. Now I know that I can go to government hospitals to access Family planning and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) management services for free. I was in the dark on these matters before the genesis of Pamoza Tingakwaniska Youth Organization as information pertaining to SRHR was not well communicated and shared in my community.

 Keneth Lazeck - Kabale Youth Club Chairperson, T/A Mwakaboko, Karonga