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There is only one world to live in.

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The Breuckmann Foundation sets out to provide appropriate support and to ensure that mankind, nature and the environment are equally treated with dignity and respect, and are given the opportunity to develop in accordance with their respective characteristics. Therefore, the  main goal of our foundation, established in 2011, is

to safeguard the livelihoods for mankind and nature

Special emphasis will be placed on development cooperation activities dedicated to the limitation of over-population, minimisation of the resulting damages and on the saving and preservation of resources.

The Breuckmann Foundation to safeguard the livelihoods for mankind and nature (in brief Breuckmann Foundation)  has been registered by the Regierungs-präsidium Tübingen, Nr. 24-1/0563-105 BK, as a non-profit entity in civil law with its registered office in 88709 Meersburg, Germany. The Foundation is politically and religiously unaffiliated.

According to its statutes, it only pursues charitable and benevolent purposes in accordance with the requirements of section “tax-beneficiary purposes” of the German General Tax Code

Scientists increasingly find indications and evidence that already early civilisations have actually caused their own demise by destroying their livelihoods, e.g. through over-exploitation of nature or polluting the environment, whereby it can be assumed that these ancient cultures at the time could not be aware of or foresee the implications which could lead to their demise. Nowadays, in many instances we are very much aware of these implications; and yet, we proceed not only to extinguish numerous cultures as well as animal and plant species, but also to endanger the livelihood for mankind and nature on a global scale. The dramatic consequences of climate change, destruction of the rain-forest, extinction of species, exploitation of resources, environmental pollution and over-population are widely known.

Nevertheless, neither on a political level nor in the private sector, appropriate consequent measures and actions are being taken in order to safeguard the preservation of livelihood in a sustainable manner.

physisist and entrepreneur

Palaeoanthropologist at Senckenberg-Institute, Frankfurt,

professor emeritus for Palaeobiology at the Johann Wolfgang von Goethe University, Frankfurt

 physisist and spacecraft engineer


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For the next future we will put priority to our projects in Malawi: familiy planning and education in Sexual and Reproductive Health. For this reason we do not see any opportunity to fund or support project from other organisations or private initiatives.

Please do not send us any request for support. Please understand that we cannot respond to those inquiries.