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Actual Progress Report about the new  Family Planning Programme in Karonga

Due to the current situation in Malawi, including the still high inflation and a severe shortage of fuel, the activities of our family planning programme must continue under difficult conditions.

Nevertheless, we were able to reach an ever-increasing number of women and adolescent girls over the course of the year, primarily through the many visits to various health centres and remote regions of our project area, most of which take place on a weekly basis:

● For example, the Pamoza team nurse, Elvas Njalainandi Kamanga, has visited the health centres in Nyungwe and Iponga a total of 65 times.

● During these visits, various contraceptives were distributed or administered to well over 2,000 people, including modern contraceptives such as implants, three-month injections and IUDs. In addition, a large number of discussion rounds on family planning and SRHR were held, in which a total of over 2,000 women took part.

● In order to meet the ever-increasing demand for family planning services, we decided in September 2023 to fund a second nurse as part of our FPP so that we can serve more health centres and remote areas in the future.

● As before, we continue to use radio programmes and social media to make the messages of the family planning project accessible to a population group as large as possible. To this end, further radio programmes were produced which broadcast, focusing on sexual and reproductive health, the negative consequences of early pregnancies, HIV/AIDS prevention and the effects of unchecked population growth.

Group Village Kamtenthenga, TA Wasambo-Karonga summarises the most important result of our family planning programme as follows:

In my area, there has been a high prevalence of unplanned pregnancies which often lead to early marriages. The project has played a significant role in reducing unplanned pregnancies as youths now have learnt more on SRH which includes how they can prevent unplanned pregnancies. So this is a good thing for our communities.

© by Pamoza

I dropped out of school some years ago when I got pregnant. I was feeling shy going back to school but today after your encouraging message I have realized that I can do this no matter what people will say. Now I will use family planning methods so that I finish my education without any hitch again.

Brenda Gondwe –T/A Wasambo, Karonga