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Final Report on the Cooperation Project with PLAN International in Mzimba

The final report on our project "Education on reproductive and sexual health for children and adolescents in Mzimba" is now available.

The most important characteristics of the project, which was carried out in cooperation between PLAN International and the Breuckmann Foundation, are:

Region:     Mzimba District, Northern Malawi.

Duration:   Dec. 2018 to February 2022

Budget:     1,763,429 Euro

Key results:

Through this project, we have created sustainable awareness on adolescent sexual and reproductive health in Mzimba District, as well as improved health services, adapted to the needs of young women and men.

Thus, by the end of the project, we had educated 470 traditional and religious authorities about the sexual and reproductive rights of adolescents. They are now aware of their role and responsibility and actively work to protect girls and boys from harmful practices such as child marriage.

In addition, we trained 174 young people to become community workers, who use various educational materials to inform their peers in the communities about their sexual and reproductive rights, contraception and family planning.

To make health services more youth-friendly, 183 health workers attended training on age- and gender-sensitive counselling for young women and men.

Furthermore, 175 staff members of local health centers completed courses in sign language. We also ensured that girls and boys from remote communities have access to youth-friendly health services. With 51 out-patient consultations, we reached 7,392 young women and 3,230 young men, i.e. a total of 10,622 young people. For example, HIV tests were carried out and family planning counselling was offered.

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