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Family Planning, Education in Sexual and Reproductive Health in Karonga

Since last year, we have been increasingly asked to resume or continue our engagement in the Karonga district in the area of family planning, which we started in 2013, especially against the background that there is still a high demand among the population in the Karonga district for sexual and reproductive health education and services.

A survey conducted in the district among adolescent women and young girls showed that despite some progress in recent years, there is still a high demand for sexual and reproductive health education and services:

 ● only 1 in 3 women of this age used contraceptives

 ● fewer than 2 in 3 women in this age group who have recently visited a health facility have been informed about family planning

We have therefore decided to continue our related activities in Karonga. Therefore, since the beginning of November, we are funding a new project, again carried out locally by the Pamoza-Tingakwaniska team, with which we continue to pursue the following goals:

● Education on sexual and reproductive health issues

● Promotion and expansion of youth-friendly health services

● Improved and simplified access to contraceptives

● Strengthening the rights of adolescent girls and young women

In order to achieve these goals as quickly and effectively as possible, existing structures that are already points of contact for our target group, in particular health centres and youth clubs, are to be integrated and provided with the financial and human resources necessary for these tasks.

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