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There is only one world to live in.

Support us, to conserve this world

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Notes for our donators

Donate online via our partner betterplace.org

Keyword: Family Planning in Karonga

In 2023 we will focus again on "Family Planning and Sexual and Reproductive Health in Karonga, Malawi". If you would like to donate to this project, please enter the keyword  "Family Planning".

If you do not specify a keyword, you will leave the use of your donation to us.

According to its statutes, the Breuckmann Foundation only pursues charitable and benevolent purposes in accordance with the requirements of section “tax-beneficiary purposes” of the German General Tax Code.

Therefore all your donations will support the goals and projects of the Breuckmann Foundation and help to preserve the environment in which we all live. They are used directly and in full for projects that are oriented towards the goals of our foundation.

Alternatively we offer the possibility to donate for our new project in Karonga online via our partner betterplace.org. In this case you will receive a donation receipt from betterplace.org at the beginning of the following year.

You will also find some project information on betterplace.org following this link:

Information on SRH in Karonga        

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 Donation account  

 Volksbank Überlingen

 IBAN:   DE73 6906 1800 0006 3480 17


Donate online for our project in Karonga

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