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COVID-19 Radio Info and Mask-Training in Northern-Malawi

Unfortunately, the number of Covid-19-cases in Malawi has risen dramatically since the end of 2020, as in many other countries around the world. While there were less than 6,500 registered cases before Christmas, this number is now five times as high, nearly 32.000 as for end of  February 2021. The same applies to the number of deaths, which has risen from around 200 to more than 1.000. A high number of unreported cases must still be assumed, so that the actual number of infected persons is probably significantly higher.

COVID-19 Radio Info and Mask Training in Northern Malawi

With this project, which started in mid-August 2020, we want to continue to help the people of Malawi to cope with the pandemic. The key objectives of this project are:

● To provide fundamental information on Covid 19, the chains of infection and appropriate protective measures.

The project thus complements the education strategy of the local authorities (often not trusted) by specifically addressing civil society through radio broadcasts and by involving the "Traditional Authorities" (Group Village Heads, Village Heads), and the Church Leaders, who have a high level of acceptance and represent a strong multiplication factor.

Making masks is difficult for the local people as only tailors have sewing machines. However, the material for the masks is inexpensive, as the existing traditional cotton fabrics can be used. So it is quite common to hire tailors to make masks from their own fabrics: a side effect is a strengthening of the local master craftsmen.

Our local partner is Radio Dinosaur FM 91.0 - Karonga Community Radio Station in Karonga, Malawi (https://web.facebook.com/radiodino), a private community and cultural radio station with which we have already co-operated successfully in previous projects. Radio Dinosaur broadcasts in northern Malawi in the local languages Tumbuka and Ngonde, which are not served by the state radio. Therefore, Radio Dinosaur is the only medium that actually reaches all parts of the population in northern Malawi, especially in the districts of Karonga and Chitipa with over 600,000 inhabitants, and is the only source of information for most residents.

Since 31 August 2020, weekly radio programmes with daily repeats have been broadcast on both Radio Dinosaur FM 91.0 and Radio Tuntufy, produced, presented and hosted by our project staff Bridget Mwale and Gome Mhango. The response to these broadcasts has been excellent, which is particularly evident from requests on social media.

© by Pamoza na Chifama.

Statement-of-Gemran-Ambassador (C) by PnC.mp4

We are conducting the project "COVID-19 Radio Info and Mask Training in Northern Malawi" with financial support from the Staatsministeriums Baden-Württemberg by the Stiftung Entwicklungs-Zusammenarbeit Baden-Württemberg (SEZ) .

For this project, too, we have to finance our own financial contribution, so that we are again dependent on your help. Please help us with your donations to support the people in Malawi, one of the poorest countries in the world, in these difficult times.

Please, liston to the radio statement of the German Ambassador by Malawi, Jürgen Borsch.

Statement-of-Gemran-Ambassador (C) by PnC.mp4